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“This may not be that interesting but…”

Hey, thanks to everyone who read yesterday’s blog “The Perks of Friday the 13th” and since you’re here again wondering what I’d have to talk about today, I’ve just got to say, welcome back! Bloomington hasn’t changed much since yesterday, it’s been very nice weather. Leaves have been super green, dense, and beautiful with only on and…

Photo of a elephant and donkey tattoo

Anthony’s Healed Elephant & Donkey

Anthony is a regular client at Cry Babies Electric Tattooing, located in Bloomington, Indiana inside of the Historic Victorian Towers. Located on Kirkwood Avenue, Cry Babies is the closest tattoo studio to Indiana’s premier public university, IU (Go Hoosiers!). Anthony & his artist, Terin D. (Indiana University alumni & owner of Cry Babies Electric Tattooing), decided to…