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Photo of a elephant and donkey tattoo

Anthony’s Healed Elephant & Donkey

Anthony is a regular client at Cry Babies Electric Tattooing, located in Bloomington, Indiana inside of the Historic Victorian Towers. Located on Kirkwood Avenue, Cry Babies is the closest tattoo studio to Indiana’s premier public university, IU (Go Hoosiers!). Anthony & his artist, Terin D. (Indiana University alumni & owner of Cry Babies Electric Tattooing), decided to create a unique piece of art based on the 2016 Presidential Election.

Anthony chose Cry Babies Electric Tattooing because the studio has a great view of Kirkwood, a knowledgeable & artistic tattoo artist, & a relaxed shop environment. The day of Anthony’s tattoo, he and his artist were able to set up a time for his appointment on a date that suited Anthony & Terin’s schedule. The private studio operates by a locked door policy, what that guarantees is that when a client receives a tattoo at Cry Babies Electric Tattooing, no outside distractions will interrupt the client’s tattoo experience.

Being a regular, Anthony did not bring a friend upon arrival to the studio, but he and his artist engaged in light conversation in the cozy tattoo environment. After receiving the tattoo, Anthony took proper care of his tattoo and was able to retain bright colors, solid lines, & great contrast in the tattoo because he made sure to follow proper aftercare instructions (healing aftercare instructions are located on the FAQ page). Following three months, Anthony met with his artist at a local Bloomington coffee shop and his tattoo artist, Terin D.,  was able to take a picture of Anthony’s healed tattoo.

Cry Babies Electric Tattooing is Bloomington tattoo shop located on 221 E. Kirkwood Ave. Bloomington, IN 47408. To book an appointment please contact the artist by email at or by phone at 812-361-1529. Cry Babies Electric Tattooing specializes in Traditional, Neo-Traditional, Black & Grey, as well as Black & Grey realism.

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