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A tattoo of Baphomet as a cat

Leah’s Healed Baphomet Cat

Leah is a graduate of Indiana Univeristy & in 2016 she decided to get a large tattoo of her cat, Farley, as Baphomet whom is a mythologic figure typically associated with religious imagery. Many tattoo lovers envision collecting amulets of loved ones in as tattoos to adorn their bodies. The Baphomet Cat tattoo Leah acquired lasted two three hour tattoo sessions & the healed photograph was captured at Cry Babies Electric Tattooing, two month after the tattoo healing process.

farley_catLeah’s Tuxedo Cat

“Farley is very impulsive, chaotic, and devious. I’ve said he was Satan before, so the personality fits with a devilish portrayal. I also find Baphomet and occult imagery to be really fun and fascinating. I also think it’s badass.” – Farley as described by Leah

-Written by the Artist, Terin D.


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