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Tattoo of a colorful flower

Sarah’s Colorful Flower

When Sarah scheduled her consultation, she knew that she wanted a flower that would be watercolor inspired & oversaturated in color. The day of the tattoo she watched as her tattoo artist poured cup after cup of tattoo pigment onto a stainless steel workstation for her tattoo. Tattoo’s like Sarah’s require an artist to have a strong understanding of the color wheel & a sense of color harmony. Tattoo artist, Terin D., has had many years under of experience¬†as a visual artist & has gained a great understanding of color harmony, primarily acquired from practicing¬†oil painting, graphic design, & screen printing posters. Understanding color relationships & being aware of color moods is key when picking a tattoo artist when a clients knows they want big & bright work.

In Sarah’s case, before the tattoo, her artist & her laid out the bottled pigments along side each other on a stainless steel counter to determine the mood each colors echoed off one another when they were placed side by side. A good rule of thumb in regards to being happy with your artist’s color selection is trusting ones instincts as well as your artist’s competency if they have demonstrated they have an eye for color. If a color palette does not suit you & your personality, prompt your artist to re-evaluate their color selection, this helps guarantee a fun, well executed tattoo that complements the client’s body & artist’s portfolio.

-Tattoo by Terin

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