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Tattoo of a colorful jaguar on an inner arm

Jon’s Jaguar Tattoo

Jon’s first tattoo is the size of many people’s third or fourth tattoo. The image covers his entire inner arm and was a duration of four hours to complete. Jon’s bravery to start with a large piece shows a lot about his character, it is not always best to start one’s tattoo journey with a large piece. Although it is a common misconception that tattoos are unbearably painful, this is generally not the case, but tattoos do begin to cause discomfort after three hours of trauma to the skin generally.

Typically to avoid the rush of pain after three hours, tattoos can be scheduled in sessions of one to two hour tattoo blocks. Typically if the client feels they can endure the un-comforted, tattoo sessions can last up to six hours. The best way to prepare oneself for the task of having a happy tattoo session is by achieving a good night sleep the day prior & eating a healthy meal before a long tattoo session. This planning helps the body distance itself from feelings of discomfort during the tattoo procedure.

Tattoo by Terin

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