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Tattoo of a hand holding a peach in full color

Kylie’s Healed Peach Tattoo

Kylie is a twenty-two-year-old who originally came to Bloomington to attend Indiana University. Since finishing her studies, she has since joined the Navy & will begin basic training by Spring of 2017. In 2016, Kylie decided to get a peach tattoo on her left outer thigh, she knew she wanted the peach to be held in a delicate hand, but other than these two needs, Kylie was open to possible designs for what her tattoo could be. Many new clients feel that they need to have a solid reason behind a tattoo before the appointment other than the tattoo being aesthetically beautiful. In Kylie’s scenario this was not the case & having a beautiful tattoo was reason enough to make the commitment

-Tattoo by Terin

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