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Two cats tattooed on a woman's thigh

Kae’s Cats

Kae Hutchens is a veteran tattoo artist with 10-years experience in her craft. Artist, Terin D. & Kae Hudgens became coworkers at a tattoo shop the two worked together in their past called Crimson Breed Tattoo Studio. As co-workers, the two had time to learn about one another’s strengths as tattoo artists, Kae is the owner of two cats that she loves very much & decided that her co-worker, Terin, would be a good artist to commemorate her feline companions on her thigh.

As a tattoo artist herself, Kae prepared multiple photographs of her cats for reference material. Kae decided that she would want the design to involve her two cats embracing each other because her cats love to lay with each other on her couch. The two, Terin & Kae, agree upon a finalized concept and oriented the two cats on her thigh to commemorate the two animals she loves dearly.

-Tattooed by Terin

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