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Black and grey tattoo of a Dragon Ball

James’ Dragon Ball

James is a self-proclaimed anime fanatic & he & his friends favorite anime series happens to be Dragon Ball Z, a Japanese cartoon saga. James & two of his friends  decided to get tattooed different Dragon Balls, a popular image from the series.

A common misconception in tattooing is that skin with more melanin cannot handle more realistically inspired tattoos, but in regards to black & grey tattoos, brown skin can provide a beautiful canvas for all kinds of black & grey realism.

If in a tattoo studio as an African-American, if you hear from an artist that toned skin cannot handle anything other than solid black, trust your intuition & look for a better artist who understands how to tattoo variety of skin tones. In James’ situation, the artist & James found a Dragon Ball design he could see himself & his group adorning on their bodies as they chose to pursue their search for Dragon Balls.

– Tattooed by Terin

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