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Tattoo of an octopi on a right foot in full color

Daniel’s Octopi Tattoo

Daniel is a tall, charismatic, scuba diver who attends Indiana University. Being a scuba diver & student, he began taking a one-credit scuba diving course at the HPER building on 7th Street in the Fall of 2016. During this time he began feeling a craving to show his desire to be in the ocean & see the colorful fish, whales, & hopefully the octopus under the waves of the various mysterious ocean habitats of the world. Having two more years till graduation & hopefully a job prospect in a career might allow him to explore the ocean , Daniel decided to get a tattoo. Having had a few small tattoos in his past, Daniel decided to acquire a larger, fully custom tattoo on his foot to serve as a reminder of his desire to be an oceananic scientist or a humble a weekend scuba diver.

Tattoo by Terin

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