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A tattoo of a fighter on an African American's left forearm

Daniel’s Healed Fighter Tattoo

Daniel is a fighter & having trained to be a UFC fighter starting in his late teens, he began to understand the importance of setting impossible goals & focusing on the means to accomplishing these long-term goals. Although Daniel traded his fighter’s gloves for a formal tie & wire-trimmed glasses, when not at work, he rolls up his sleeves to remind himself of his mental fortitude & ability to flourish in high-pressure environments, although this time outside of the caged octagon & now inside the corporate world.

Daniel decided that a fighter on his forearm would signify his attitude & with the changing office climate of his job, Daniel has also found the freedom to rollup his sleeves at work, joining a new class of tattooed, corporate young professionals, in a more liberal and welcoming America. The only difference is Daniel’s tattoo might also be seen besides a luxury watch he uses to keep time & confidently show his sense of fashion forwardness & personal style in a changing corporate America.

Tattoo by Terin

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