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Tattoo of a parakeet on a shoulder blade

Colton’s Parakeet Tattoo

Colton always grew up with a parakeet in his family home. Being a student at Indiana University’s BFA Sculpture Department, Colton decided to carry with a reminder of his home while away at University. As a student artist, Colton is very particular about the artwork he chooses to adorn on his body. The two, Colton & his tattoo artist,┬áhad a brief consultation & in the meeting Colton was able to let his artist know that he wanted the design to be colorful & also he wanted the parakeet’s wings to be outstretched on his shoulder blade.

Colton arrived with two friends, the day of the tattoo, in a tank top so that he would not have to endure an awkward after tattoo experience. Although drinking is prohibited before the tattoo, there are no rules against having fun at the bars after the tattoo. Colton arriving in his tank top for the tattoo let him easily put his top on after the tattoo, but also allowed him to show off the tattoo at the bars later that night, a reward to himself & his friends who accompanied him to the tattoo studio.

-Tattooed by Terin

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