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Tattoo of a girl head with space and planets around her head and in her hair

Carly’s Space Girl

Carly made the decision to be tattooed by one of her tattoo artist’s designs he had painted in the studio. However, this design was not from a tattoo book or another tattoo artist’s ¬†shop’s wall, the artwork Carly wanted was originally painted by the artist Terin D. & is located on display in Cry Babies Electric Tattooing. The artwork Carly chose to be tattooed by is something called “flash” & her choosing to be tattooed by a design unique to her tattooers wall is not always an ill-informed¬†decision. Some clients choose to be tattooed by an artist’s design directly from a piece of wall art. In Carly’s situation, the artist & her decided that she would be the only person he would tattoo the Space Girl tattoo design on. When in doubt on getting a tattoo design found in an artist’s workspace, it is bet to ask the artist if they have tattooed the image in question before & if not, ask if they would like to tattoo the design in the future. This guarantees no hurt feelings if someone else already has that version of that tattoo by the tattoo artist.

– Tattoo by Terin

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