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Geometric seahorse tattoo on front of arm

Bailey’s Seahorse Tattoo

Bailey studied theater at Indiana University when he choose to be tattooed. Wanting a small & colorful tattoo to showcase his personality, he and his friend Bryant, scheduled back to back appointments for their small arm tattoos. Many clients, like Bailey & Bryant, enjoy using tattoos as bonding opportunities. Bailey decided that his tattoo would be a geometric seahorse & his friend Bryant, decided to have a sea turtle tattooed in a muted green palette.

Bailey volunteered to be tattooed first as his companion watched. Many people who choose to be tattooed on the same day, typically have a short debate as to who will be tattooed first. In Bailey & Bryant’s case, neither protested one another taking the first chair & in most cases when two clients have a¬†conflict as to who will be tattooed¬†first typically revolves around having whoever is more nervous, go first. When friends choose to be tattooed on after the other, braver friends typically choose to let their timid friends finish their tattoo experience sooner than later. In Bailey & Bryant’s case, Bailey chose to go first because Bailey schedule the two’s tattoo appointments.

-Tattooed by Terin

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