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A tattooed image of a clown's portrait in a gloved hand beside a flower and butterfly

Addie’s Avocado

Addie is a blonde on somedays until her heart influences her to change her hairstyle reds, blues, or even pinks. A stylish woman, Addie is a fashion forward twenty-one-year-old who’s style many could only wish to recycle as their own. Her attitude is brash to anyone supporting cisgender, patriarchal paradigms, & her spirit is loving to those who possess a love for all humanity, preferably those who look good in black.

When Addie was a child, she begged her mother for avocados at breakfast. To this day, Addie’s favorite breakfast still involves toast & spread avocado, nature’s butter. In 2016 she began to want to pay homage to her favorite fruit as a tattoo, but since it, the avocado, is such a bright fruit, any bright & colorful stylings of the fruit would not mesh with Addie’s personality or style. However, when the tattoo was given black leaves & dark earthier greens next to a black & brown pit, the festive fruit behaved more timeless & more welcoming to Addie’s body, personality, & fashion sense.

-Tattoo by Terin


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